8-11 November, 2021
Cessnock Quay, Glasgow

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COVID-19 Policy

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COVID-19 Policy

The Climate Action Innovation Zone COP26 COVID-19 policy will match the same levels of testing policy as the UNFCCC Blue Zone and the Green Zone, exceeding the discretionary COVID-19 policy set by Glasgow City Council for approved fringe events.  


In order to enter the Climate Action Innovation Zone all speakers, attendees, suppliers and organisers will need to complete a self-administered daily COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test in their accommodation, for every day that they attend the Climate Action Innovation Zone. 

A negative COVID-19 test result must be produced upon entry to The Climate Action Innovation Zone which should be displayed through either of the following:

  • The NHS App
  • An SMS text or email after uploading your negative test result to https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result (this can be used by UK residents and international attendees that are travelling to Glasgow from outside the UK, by using the accommodation address

Lateral flow tests must be taken a maximum of 12 hours prior to attending the Climate Action Innovation Zone.

​For those speakers, attendees, suppliers and organisers that do not have access to self-

administered daily COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests, or are unable to provide evidence of a negative lateral flow test, Climate Action will provide lateral flow testing on site, which will require a 20 – 30 minute wait in the waiting area before results are known.


All attendees, including speakers, delegates, suppliers and organisers will be required to wear face masks when entering, walking around and leaving the venue, unless medically exempt.

Attendees may remove masks when seated or when eating or drinking.

Speakers may remove face masks when speaking on stage, once actually seated, or when standing at the podium.   


A robust hygiene regime will operate across the venue including:

  • Hand sanitiser dispensers will be available across the venue.
  • Signage will be on display throughout to remind attendees to maintain a safe social distance of 1 metre.
  • Cleaning staff will be ensuring all high touch areas are cleaned frequently with anti-viral cleaner during the opening hours of the venue. They will also conduct an enhanced clean overnight.
  • All exhibitors will be provided with anti-viral cleaning materials for their exhibition stands.

All attendees will be encouraged to use the networking app to exchange contact details rather than exchanging business cards and shaking hands.


The venue is restricted to a maximum of 450 attendees at any single point in time, including seated and standing delegates, plus staff and suppliers on site.


The venue caterers will be serving all food and beverages in line with their strict COVID-19 compliant policies, ensuring minimal staff contact with food. Buffets are served by catering staff to minimise cross contamination.

Food and drink sampling for expo stands is not permitted.


The Climate Action Innovation Zone venue has been designed with a 7 metre high roof apex to maximise roof height, ventilation and the flow of air. We are utilising a fresh air intake system that does not recirculate the air.

Inflatable private meeting pods will have open ceilings to maximise air flow.  


Effective contact tracing is key to protecting our attendees, staff and suppliers.

We will collaborate with NHS Test & Protect to facilitate case investigation and contact tracing for event attendees that test positive after attending the Climate Action Innovation Zone.

Any attendee who is contacted by NHS Test & Protect must follow the advice given to them in relation to their need to take a COVID-19 test and isolate.

Any attendee who receives a positive COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test result must:

  • Follow the COP26 COVID-19 isolation rules and isolate immediately in their existing accommodation for 10 full days. Public transport should not be used. Follow the COP26 COVID-19 reporting procedures, as outlined here and report their positive result. Participants will then receive advice and will be contacted directly by the NHS Test & Protect programme, by SMS (text), email or phone call.
  • Engage with contact tracing, when asked to do so, and provide the relevant details to enable contact tracing to be conducted.


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