1-12 November, 2021
Cessnock Quay, Glasgow

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Innovation EXPO

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Innovation EXPO

10,000m² Innovation Showcase

The largest showcase of climate tech, innovation and net zero leadership at COP26, including:

  • Scottish Enterprise Pavilion
  • Breakthrough Innovation Pavilion
  • Net Zero Pathways Pavilion
  • Climate Catapult: Start-up Pavilion
  • Future Cities Pavilion
  • SDG Pavilion
  • Non-Profit Pavilion
  • Innovation Theatre
  • Rewilding Café.

Further information on the benefits, prices and the application process and criteria will be available here shortly.

Climate Catapult

Climate Catapult

  • A key pillar of net zero innovation is the creation and scale up of new technologies and business models.
  • The “decade of action” needs to transition into the “decade of traction” for start-ups to scale and make an impact.
  • The whole ecosystem is reliant on their innovation, and it is therefore incumbent on us all to not rest until we have done everything possible to bring the brightest minds and the most innovative technologies to market.

The Climate Catapult will showcase 100 start-ups from across sectors and verticals and will attract enterprise and investment stakeholders to evaluate the efficacy of their proposition but more importantly engage and facilitate the scale up strategies needed.


Future Cities Pavilion

  • Cities and sub-national governments will play a critical role in delivering a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery
  • To date over 700 cities in 53 countries have committed to implement immediate actions towards halving emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050
  • The Future Cities Showcase will provide a platform for city mayors and authorities to present their net zero pathway, share best practice and develop new global innovation and investment partnerships.
  • Participating cities will receive a pod for both COP26 weeks in the Innovation Expo as well as a speaking position on the Net Zero Pathways Stage in week 2.

EXCLUSIVE OPPPORTUNITY - one official partner will have exclusive branding rights for the Sustainable Cities Showcase, highlighting their position as an enabler of urban net zero transition.

Future Cities at the Innovation Zone
SDG Pavilion at The Innovation Zone

SDG Pavilion

Our SDG Impact IMPACT Zone based on The UN Sustainable Development Goals is set to be a highlight of not only The Climate Action Innovation Zone but of the whole COP26.

  • Government, NGOs, and enterprises will come together to showcase the high-level impact that technology innovations are making in tackling and solving humanity’s most pressing and urgent climate issues.
  • There is no better platform or environment to shine a light on your organisation’s commitment, credibility and specific capability and be positioned front and centre as the world’s eyes are on COP26 as a key enabler in reaching these vital goals.

EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY - Category Exclusivity


Non-Profit Pavilion

  • A dedicated zone to showcase innovation breakthroughs and the vital work of the Non-Profit sector
  • Collaboration is the heartbeat of all innovation, and this zone will shine a light on the powerful and essential work of the world’s most innovative NGO’s and their private sector and government partners.
  • All initiatives and aspirations discussed at COP26 rely on NGO, private sector and government collaboration, this showcase will bring that innovation and collaboration to life at a time when the world is watching.

EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP - one of our official partners will have exclusive branding of the NGO zone and position itself as a centre of excellence in collaboration and innovation.


Non-Profit Pavilion at The Innovation Zone, COP26, Glasgow